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All-New 2013 Ford Kuga The all-new Ford Kuga, unveiled today at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, builds on the huge success of the current model and introduces new technologies as well as a more streamlined, stylish and spacious design. Technological improvements include the introduction of a hands-free automatic tailgate which can be opened and closed simply by sweeping a foot under the rear bumper. Ford's advanced voice control, device integration and connectivity interface SYNC will also be available from launch. It will include Emergency Assistance, which upon detecting airbag deployment or activation of the emergency fuel shut-off within the car, uses the on board GPS locator and Bluetooth-paired device to set up an emergency call and provide GPS co-ordinates, in the local language, for the emergency response. A range of driver assistance technologies including the parallel parking aid Active Park Assist, and sensor-based Blind Spot Information System, which indicates with a warning light in the door mirror that a potential hazard is in the driver's blind spot, will also be available. The all-new Kuga features 82-litres more boot-space than the current model, while the rear seats fold flat at the touch of a button.

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