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All-New 2013 Ford B-MAX The new Ford B-MAX, revealed at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, features a winning combination of unique design, unrivalled economy and what is among the most advanced small car technology in Europe. The B-MAX's Ford Easy Access Door System provides unobstructed entry and exit with hinged front doors and sliding rear doors integrating the central body pillars. The new model also achieves class-leading fuel economy and the lowest CO2 emissions for both petrol and diesel engines The innovative new B-MAX is the first European car to offer SYNC, Ford's voice-activated, in-car connectivity system featuring Emergency Assistance, which is designed to assist occupants to place a call to the emergency services in the event of a crash. It is also the first vehicle in its segment to provide the added reassurance of the Active City Stop system, designed to help motorists avoid low speed collisions with stationary or slower moving traffic in front.

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