Videa Ford Corsair A RESTORED 1959 EDSEL


In the model year of 1958 Ford Motor launched a new car named after Henry Ford's son, Edsel. Ford Co., thought there was a niche to fill between the Ford car and the next model level Mercury. They thought wrong. There were several reasons for the failure of Edsel, one being it's different if not bizarre styling featuring a " horse collar" grill. Another reason was that there was no niche to fill between Ford and Mercury. Edsel used a lot of Mercury parts so it appeared to be a lower scale Mercury than a upper scale Ford. The economic recession of 1958 also helped to kill sales of the introductory year. This video gives you a tour of a restored 1959 Edsel. The styling was less severe than the fifty eight model year and looks more appealing but it didn't encourage sales for the damaged image was already there. This Edsel is the lower model Ranger. Under the hood lies the six cyclinder Ford engine with dual exhaust. The exterior paint on this car is excellent while the interior uphostery is not original or authentic but looks great. The bottom line Ranger cost $3072 and sold 7778 units out of a model year total of 44891. The two model years did nothing to increase sales and the 1960 model year was a tacky version of a Ford of which the Ranger model sold 295 two doors at $2705, and 1288 four doors at $2697. So, Ranger model totals for 1960 were 1583. Edsel was cancelled in November '59 after only making 110847 for the three model years.



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