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A 1980 Ford Escort Mk2

This is my unrestored, unmodified old school but incredibly reliable rear-wheel-drive (I am asked if it is RWD a lot!) Anglo-German design 1980 Ford Escort 1.3 L, assembled in New Zealand, registered constantly since April 23rd 1980. I've had the car since June 2002. Handling is good, esp on gravel (well they are used for rally purposes) although at the expense of incredible bodyroll! The chocolate brown all-vinyl interior is unmarked and a smokefree environment, however at the time of filming this the interior had some colour, namely brightly coloured cushions, removable seatcovers and retro carpets! - and only rarely do I have scale models of a Capri, Escort and various years of Ford Mustang appear in the back window... The part where the camera pans in on the seat covers was done because the seat cover has autographs of wellknown New Zealanders - names of note include Dan Carter, Anika Moa, Bob Jones, Tim Shadbolt, Mike King and Sarah Ulmer... While the Escort, like the Cortina and Capri, was always a popular car, it has in fact got to the point where these cars are actually rare, many either thrashed, rusted out or turned into Lotus 7 replicas. As it is, this is a base 'L' model, without any 'Ghia' related luxuries or Sport enhancements (aside from factory 'Sport' steel wheels and aftermarket driving and fog lights - they do not make the car go any faster:) Anyway, this was meant to be just a 'slideshow' of it - (Look carefully and you may recognise certain bits of NZ ...

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