Video - 98' SVT Contour...nice way to fly.

Videa Ford Contour 98' SVT Contour...nice way to fly.

98' SVT Contour...nice way to fly.

Ford Contur Special Vehichle Team Edition For Sale. 1998, 140000 miles, High Performance Intake, Mustang 5.0 litre throttle body and mass air sensor, new brakes, 300miles on them. Lowered 1.49 inches( IBOC Pro Kit), Underdrive pulleys, Cat-back exhaust, Short shifter, Clean car minus a broken windshield. Place an offer. 2.5 V6 ford/yamaha engine with a 5 speed, designed like the SHO engine of earlier years, only a 2.5...IT IS POSSIBLE to swap a SHO 3.0 into the car and turbo it to make it a vette killing sleeper!...As is the car runs a 15 flat quarter mile, seats 5 comfortably, sounds great, gets about 22-24 mpg, and is fun to drive! The interior smells like leather and is clean. Located in theNY/NJ/CT tri-state area and available for you enjoyment, I have been gifted another car and although I love this ride I need the cash at the moment! My loss is your gain, I previously had no intention on selling this car, ever. Place an offer so I can move on, thanks!



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