Video - 5 Rat Rod FrankenStude Too Super Coupe 1st walkaround

Videa Ford Coupé 5 Rat Rod FrankenStude Too Super Coupe 1st walkaround

5 Rat Rod FrankenStude Too Super Coupe 1st walkaround

In 1990 Thom Taylor made up some drawings of a car that was an answer to Cadzilla. It took Steve Anderson seven yrs to complete. It was made up from parts of several different yr Studes.(plus a lot of fabrication) Hence the name Frankenstude. I saw it in a car magazine back then and was impressed at such an incredible car. This is my 31 Studebaker hot/rat rod..there are so many different parts that came from different vehicles that I decided to call it FRANKENSTUDE TOO ,meaning Frankenstude also. Mine has a 69 lincoln 365hp 460 with a 68 mustang 4spd using an 85 ford truck bell and clutch for a 78 bronco on a 34 Ford coupe frame, 87 dodge omni rack/pinion steering, 76 camaro rear springs and brake master cyl.,83 chevette brake booster,70 lincoln rear axle and driveshaft, 1929 ford doors,30 chev hinges,92 jeep laredo steering column/shaft, fuel tank,pedal assy, seats, electric window parts, ebrake handle,78 montecarlo front disc brake rotors, 32 radiator shell,jeep wrangler roll bar..etc...the 32 shell used to have the radiator cap hole but i filled it in with fiberglass. see 3rd walk around video to see the latest updated version

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