Video - 325hp Mustang Cobra chasing Fox-Body LX Coupe

Videa Ford Coupé 325hp Mustang Cobra chasing Fox-Body LX Coupe

325hp Mustang Cobra chasing Fox-Body LX Coupe

Grab a beer and sit back, because this is a long one fellas...LOL Had a request for some longer Road Racing footage and entire races, so here you go Mr. GarageCrazy... On board as Frank Corkran pushes his 325hp, 3200-lb Mustang Cobra... but just can't quite catch the little Mustang (Notchback) Coupe LX ahead... Produced by John (Trae) King @ nedaCFilms & Check out Mustang-Town on Facebook... Special thanks Frank Corkran, nasa's American Iron and Camaro-Mustang Challenge road racing series... and Ford and GM for producing years of iconic Ponycars for us all to cruise, race, love and enjoy!

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