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23 RS vehicles

In 1970 Ford unveiled the Mk1 Escort RS1600. It was the first Ford to use a 16-valve twin overhead camshaft engine and, significantly, the first to wear a 'Rallye Sport' badge. It began a proud heritage: the Ford RS badge became a highly exclusive designation applied to only the most single-minded, carefully honed performance models. A further 22 cars have since carried the RS badge including the Mk1 Escort RS Mexico, Capri RS2600, Mk2 Escort RS2000, Sierra RS500, the latest Ford Focus RS500 and the incredible Escort RS200 Group B rally car, which in full works tune produced 650PS! RS models have come in front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations; some have been turbocharged with others being naturally aspirated; some have used 4-cylinder engines, while others have used 6-cylinder, or in the case of the Mk2 Focus RS, 5-cylinder engines. But for all their differences, the one thing they had in common was the passion and performance that the RS badge stands for. Video #23 Advent 2011 - Visit for more.

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