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Videa Ford Focus 2013 Lightning Lap - LL1 Class - CAR and DRIVER

2013 Lightning Lap - LL1 Class - CAR and DRIVER

Once again we assemble the newest, hottest vehicles on the market and subject them to a reference lap on the fearsome Virginia International Raceway. On this episode of Car and Driver: Tested we review the LL1 class for the 2013 Lightning Lap. The LL1 class includes cars up to $29,999.

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Lightning Lap - The Contenders

Lightning Lap - LL2 Class ($30,000 to $59,999)

Lightning Lap - LL3 Class ($60,000 to $119,999)

Lightning Lap - LL4 Class ($120,000 to $239,999)

Lightning Lap - LL5 Class ($240,000 and above)

Lightning Lap - LLOINK Class (law-enforcement vehicles)


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