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2013 Ford Transit Custom

The all-new Ford Transit Custom takes the Transit family in a new design direction with a stylish and contemporary appearance that extends its appeal to a new generation of one-tonne van customers. With its advanced, streamlined design, the new vehicle embodies the same dynamic character as Ford's kinetic design passenger cars, but without compromising its exceptional load-carrying ability that is a trademark of the Transit brand. "The new Transit Custom looks like no Transit before, with a bold new design which has a distinctively modern and sporty feel," said Paul Campbell, Commercial Vehicle Chief Designer, Ford of Europe. "Customers in this segment told us they want a vehicle that they are proud to have on their driveway, and we have given them exactly that." Dramatic new appearance The all-new Ford Transit Custom immediately announces its arrival with a dramatic new exterior which, for the first time on an all-new commercial vehicle, shares design cues with Ford's latest family of kinetic design cars. "One look at the bold trapezoidal lower grille, and the large swept-back headlamps that flow into the muscular rising shoulder line tells you that this is a very new kind of Transit. The vehicle's sportier stance and more dynamic character make a powerful new impact. "By giving the front end a more curved, 3D appearance in plan view, and by subtly increasing the 'tumblehome' of the upper body sides, we have created a design which is visually much more compact and ...



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