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Videa Ford Fusion 2013 Ford Fusion Wind Tunnel Test

2013 Ford Fusion Wind Tunnel Test

Ford Motor Company's wind tunnel facilities do much more than just create wind—they can simulate a full-blown Canadian blizzard or Arizona's desert heat. The automaker's six wind tunnels in Detroit -- including its state-of-the-art Driveability Test Facility -- are virtually replacing the real world, playing a large role in reducing the cost and time it takes to bring new products to market. Every year, Ford treks to such faraway places as Arizona, Florida, Colorado, and Canada, putting vehicles through a battery of tests under extreme environmental conditions—heat, cold, high and low altitudes. Engineers prove-out and calibrate vehicle components, such as powertrains, air-conditioning, heating, cold starts and engine performance. These trips -- as many as 50 a year -- can cost up to $20000 each and it can take up to two years to complete the testing.

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