Video - 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo first look

Videa Ford Mondeo 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo first look

2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo first look Ford India has decided to re-launch Ford Mondeo, the luxury sedan, which was released in Indian market in 2002 that had rattling looks and style but could not do well even after getting good response world wide as it was not up-to the mark for Indian road conditions. So now the company has re-framed its mind to launch much improvised version of Ford Mondeo in every aspect including, style of interiors & exteriors, comfort zone & engine exhibition called Ford Mondeo 2.0. The company is striving to launch it against well established luxury sedans of India like Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata & Toyota Camry. Ford Mondeo price will in possibility be less than Rs 13 lakh-Rs 17 lakh.

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