Video - 2013 Ford Fusion First Drive & Review

Videa Ford Fusion 2013 Ford Fusion First Drive & Review

2013 Ford Fusion First Drive & Review

( ) The 2013 Ford Fusion (and the 2013 Ford Mondeo) looks like the gorgeous love child of a Aston Martin and Jaguar. Or perhaps it resembles a prototype car that's designed for the spot lights of the Auto Show...a prototype that will never get built. Instead, the 2013 Fusion will be coming to a Ford dealership near you this fall. In this first drive video review we got to spend a few hours in the Fusion in the hills above Malibu and Santa Monica, California. Of course the question that we wanted to answer is a simple one....does the new 2013 Ford Fusion drive a good as it looks? Check out this TFLcar first drive review to find out.



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