Video - 2013 Ford Fusion and the Detroit Auto Show

Videa Ford Fusion 2013 Ford Fusion and the Detroit Auto Show

2013 Ford Fusion and the Detroit Auto Show

Car lovers only have one place to be for the next few weeks: Motor City and the Detroit Auto Show. The two-week show will unveil over 40 new models, giving car manufacturers a chance to lure over 750000 participants with design, music, and bright lights. Ford is looking to wow crowds with its brand new Fusion, which will come in plug-in and hybrid models and feature an alert system to let drivers know when they veer in to other lanes. The Fusion outsold the Honda Accord in 2011, but Ford hopes its refreshed Fusion can beat sales of the top-selling mid-sized sedan, the Toyota Camry. Whatever the consumer response, auto makers do have reason to celebrate: Gas prices have declined since summer and car-sale numbers are at their highest since 2008.

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