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Videa Ford F-250 2013 Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel | Edmonton Dealer Review

2013 Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel | Edmonton Dealer Review

Brandon does a walk-through of the 2013 Ford F-350. The Lariat, XLT and now Platinum is also available this year in the F-350 series.

Anyone looking to do a lot of towing will find the F-350 a perfect fit. You will want the extra power if you are going to be putting anything into the back. A lot of people in the oil field use the Super Duty's. The most common customers is the person who needs a diesel and typically that is someone who is doing a lot of pulling anything over 11,000 lbs. You see all the construction companies that use it. It has got to be dependable and this vehicle is.

When you think of trucks and how well the F-150 has done, the F-350 is just the same. If you look at any work trucks that are out there they are made to last. Anyone who is considering vehicles with dependability and reliability they want something that is going to be comfortable as well. Look no further than the 2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty Diesel.

Taking a look inside you can see that it is loaded with tons of creature comforts because Ford has always been about that in the most recent years but more importantly it comes loaded with tons of options that are really going to benefit everyone. The heated seats for example are in the dash and rather than on the seats as you see in some other manufacturers.

Why Ford? Why Not? The reason I say that is because if you look at what is going on in the market place today Ford is the one putting the most advancements out. They are the ones who are pushing the envelope to be better.

The biggest thing you are going to notice when you are buying a Ford is the reliability, refined quality displayed in the interiors of the Ford vehicles. So many times with truck companies you see they make the trucks very work orientated, they cheap out on a lot of things where Ford does not. If you look at the finish, and the fit it is just absolutely stunning.

Ford also doesn't lack in any of the technology they give you. They know you are going to be spending a lot of time in these trucks. When you look at the features that they have in them you can sit in comfort and enjoy it.

You are buying something you can be happy with that you can know is dependable. You are going to enjoy the idea of driving back again, instead of feeling like whenever you hop into a truck it's a work truck. Not to mention the comfort Ford brings, whether you have the kids in the back or a fleet of workers.

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