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2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Review

Forty-seven miles-per gallon, 188-hp, 99.7 cubic feet of passenger room and $25995. In almost every measurable way the Ford C-MAX is better than the Toyota Prius v. Even if the C-MAX is missing name recognition, Ford is going straight for the Toyota hybrid and isn't ashamed to say it. The Ford C-MAX is Ford's only hybrid powered vehicle -- until the new Fusion hybrid arrives. The full hybrid we're testing today will be accompanied by a plug-in hybrid which features the same powertrain, but with a beefier battery pack for longer electric-only drives. The C-MAX is going for the family friendly market, saturated with wagons, hatchbacks and small minivans. While a seven-passenger gas-only model was originally planned to come to North America, the third row was axed in order to put the battery-pack in a location that maximized space for the remaining five passengers. Facebook - Twitter - Web - Produced By Mike Maez. Host Sami Haj-Assaad

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