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2012 Ford Ranger

The all-new Ford Ranger - the latest in a wave of global vehicles - made its worldwide debut at the 2010 Australian International Motor Show. The all-new Ranger has a powerful presence and promises to give pickup truck owners more can-do capability and a transformed truck ownership experience. From impressive gains in power and safety to exceptional towing capability, the next-generation Ford Ranger emerges as a clear segment leader. It not only builds on the tremendous Ranger heritage of pickup truck capability, but it also gives truck owners a spacious, comfortable, feature-filled interior and sophisticated driving experience they would expect to find only in a car. Amongst the most high-tech in its segment, Ford Ranger is the impressive result of an all-new global compact pickup truck platform from Ford - the latest to emerge under the company's One Ford initiative - and Mazda. It replaces two previous-generation compact truck platforms currently in production to present a new face of Built Ford Tough to customers around the world. Built on innovation, it boasts a list of technologies and features to lead the segment - including a new Rearview Camera System, Rear Park Assist, Trailer Sway Control and Adaptive Load Control. Ford plans to reveal even more new Ranger technologies in the coming months. Destined for sale across five continents and more than 180 markets, Ford Ranger will be offered as a complete family of compact trucks - with three different cab body styles ...

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