Video - 2012 Ford Focus Spy Shots in the United States

Videa Ford Focus 2012 Ford Focus Spy Shots in the United States

2012 Ford Focus Spy Shots in the United States

I was on a business trip near Glendale, Arizona and I saw a bunch of 2012 Ford Focuses (Foci?) parked at the hotel. I could be wrong, but I think these are the first shots anyone has taken of this car on the road in the United States. They were probably doing hot weather testing in the Arizona desert. There were a bunch of Ford cars with manufacturers plates at the hotel. There were several 2012 Foci, some current generation European Ford Foci, some updated Edges, and a large SUV that was kept under wraps which I believe was a 2012 Ford Explorer. The receptionist said that most of the guys driving the cars were European. I took some pictures using my iPhone and turned it into a video. The car does not photograph well (especially with the camouflage paint), but it looks better in person. I could not get a good shot of the interior. It looks nice though, lots of bright work, chrome and such. It looks like they were testing two different upholstery types on this car. The front seats were black leather with light-colored, contrast stitching. It looked nice, but to the eye the quality of the leather was just okay. My 2006 Honda Accord has much nicer looking leather. The back seats looked like they were cloth with a pattern in the middle. Think the cloth seats in the Volkswagen GTI, but in black and white, instead of the red of the Volkswagen. On the whole it looks like a nice product. Ford has been on a roll lately and this car certainly won't do anything to slow it down.

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