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Videa Ford Focus 2012 Ford Focus Drive & Review

2012 Ford Focus Drive & Review

( ) Do you like European car design? If so you'll like the new Ford Focus because it is part of Ford's global plan to design and the build the same car for the entire world. That means the same basic Focus you can buy at your local Ford Dealership will also be for sale in Europe and Asia. Think of it as Global design for a worldwide market place. It also means that Ford spends less money developing and building the new Focus. Developed and tuned in Germany the new Focus is tuned to storm the Autobahn and still get decent economy numbers. With an inline-4 cylinder engine that gets 160 the Focus comes with either a 5 speed manual transmission or a 6-speed duel clutch automatic. A duel clutch automatic is usually found on much more expensive cars but the Focus is no longer just a inexpensive economy car but instead a more European and Premium small car.

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