Video - 2012 Ford EcoSport Unveiling - AutoExpo 2012

Videa Ford EcoSport 2012 Ford EcoSport Unveiling - AutoExpo 2012

2012 Ford EcoSport Unveiling - AutoExpo 2012

Ford Motors on Thursday previewed its compact 'EcoSport' sport utility vehicle (SUV) at the ongoing Auto Expo 2012 here. The new SUV will be sold in around 100 markets worldwide and will initially be produced at plants in India and Brazil, and subsequently in other markets to be announced later, the company said in a statement. "India is an increasingly important auto market and EcoSport will play a significant role in Ford's aggressive global plan to achieve a 50 per cent increase in worldwide sales by mid decade to 8 million vehicles a year," the company said. The Asia—Pacific and Africa are expected to contribute 60—70 per cent to that target. EcoSport is the second of eight products the company plans to bring to India by mid decade. However, the company did not specify the expected time of launch and price of the car.

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