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Videa Ford Coupé 2011 Saleen S302 from Mustang Australia

2011 Saleen S302 from Mustang Australia

2011 SALEEN S302 The Saleen S302 represents the latest chapter in the proud Saleen legacy. With 425 naturally aspirated horsepower at the driver's command, and a superbly balanced and tuned chassis, the S302 rewards the serious driving enthusiast with a total performance experience like no other car. Available in both coupe and convertible body styles, the S302 boasts an impressive array of standard equipment, including a Saleen Performance exhaust system, Saleen Racecraft suspension, and Saleen 20" Speedstar wheels. The striking Saleen Design interior is a feast for the senses, featuring tailored leather and Ultra-Suede trim, a distinctive Piano-Black center console and the signature Saleen leather-wrapped shifter. Truly, the stunning S302 is the American Exotic -- providing an uncompromising combination of performance, substance and exclusivity

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