Video - 2011 FORD TAURUS Medina, NY 7091

Videa Ford Taurus 2011 FORD TAURUS Medina, NY 7091

2011 FORD TAURUS Medina, NY 7091

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2011 FORD TAURUS Medina, NY

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For more information on this vehicle and our full inventory, call 888-229-6869.

Orleans Ford

1405 S. Main St

Medina, NY 14103

ATTENTION BARGIN HUNTERS ! On 8/1/11 we had a devestating hail storm. 98% of our new and used inventory suffered light to moderate hail damage. All inventory has been adjusted by our insurance company and subsequently repriced to reflect the hail damage. Don't wait because every one of these cars and trucks is a REAL DEAL ! Every unit will be sold this month. This is a true HAIL SALE ! Call for details, but hurry...our loss is your gain ! All rebates and incentives on new vehicles still apply. RETAIL CUSTOMER CASH REBATES GOOD UNTIL 4/2/12

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