Video - 2011 Ford Fiesta ST 5-Door Concept (2011 Los Angeles Auto Show)

Videa Ford Fiesta 2011 Ford Fiesta ST 5-Door Concept (2011 Los Angeles Auto Show)

2011 Ford Fiesta ST 5-Door Concept (2011 Los Angeles Auto Show)

Ford unveils the bold new five-door Fiesta ST Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, indicating the direction for a high-performance Fiesta Fiesta ST Concept features a specially tuned 180-horsepower 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost® engine to deliver spirited performance combined with fuel efficiency and low emissions Dynamic exterior styling inspired by Fiesta RS WRC promises driver-oriented interior features DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. 3, 2011 -- Ford is unveiling its vision for a future high-performance Fiesta ST at the Los Angeles Auto Show this month. The Ford Fiesta ST Concept signals the next step in Ford Motor Company's global performance vehicle strategy and hints at how a future Fiesta ST model might look when it joins the Focus ST in the global small car portfolio. The Fiesta ST Concept combines eye-catching, muscular and sporty styling with a dynamic sports chassis and a high-performance powertrain capable of delivering impressive fuel economy with low emissions. A global Fiesta ST would extend the proud, 35-year Fiesta history of delivering high- performance thrills to small car customers. Iconic past models include the European Fiesta XR2 and XR2i, Fiesta RS1800 and RS Turbo, and the more recent first-generation Fiesta ST. The five-door Fiesta ST Concept shows the promise for a globally available performance model. Bold and distinctive, the five-door Fiesta ST Concept embodies the spirit of Fiesta's high-performance history with an infusion of dynamic, futuristic looks and ...

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