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2011 Ford Explorer Unveiled The 2011 Ford Explorer was officially unveiled in July of 2010, ending months of speculation about what the SUV would look like and what new features it would have. According to Fox News, The 2011 Explorer, expected to hit showroom floors later in 2010, features a new body style that has a "car-based platform," making it smoother and more streamlined than its predecessors. The updated 2011 SUV is also slightly wider than previous models - about five inches wider than the 2010 Explorer. The new Ford Explorer is also being touted by Ford as more fuel efficient than previous Explorer models. The 2010 Ford Explorer gets 16 mpg, and according to USA today, Ford has indicated the 2011 Explorer will get "20 to 30 percent better fuel economy" than its predecessors.8 The 2011 Ford Explorer will be available in two engine choices. The EcoBoost engine is a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine while the other engine is a 3.5-liter V-6.9 Safety-wise, the 2011 Ford Explorer features inflatable safety belts for seats in the second row of the vehicle - typically areas where children ride. Price on the car is currently ranging from $28190 to $37190 depending on what features are chosen. In January 2010, the LA Times reported that Ford announced they would invest $400 million and hire 1200 workers at their Chicago assembly plant in order to manufacture 2011 Ford Explorers. Other News from Mahalo: Shirley Sherrod: Comic Con:

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