Video - 2011 Ford Explorer Hits Venice Beach

Videa Ford Explorer 2011 Ford Explorer Hits Venice Beach

2011 Ford Explorer Hits Venice Beach

We got to see the 2011 Explorer first hand, as it was unveiled at Venice Beach by both Ford's Executive Vice President and President of The Americas Mark Fields and their Vice President, Engineering, Paul Mascarenas. It's been a long, slow tease, with lots of photos of half of a grille or a corner of a taillight, but the newest version of one of America's best-known, best-selling vehicles is finally here. We spent the morning checking out a production example of the 2011 Ford Explorer, and we're back to report that it's a significant step up in quality, but it has a decidedly different purpose than any previous Explorer. This isn't the hard-charging, truck-based SUV of the 1990

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