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The 2011 Ford Explorer has been redesigned from bottom to top, inside and out, to reflect a contemporary vision of what customers today want in a modern SUV. "Ford has changed everything about the all-new Explorer, yet it's still instantly and instinctively recognizable as a Ford Explorer," said Moray Callum, executive director of North America Design. "We believe that's because it's a contemporary interpretation of the same capabilities Ford Explorer has always stood for, without compromise." "The all-new Ford Explorer combines bold, evocative design language with a wind- and noise-cheating aerodynamic shape on a rigid unibody platform," said Melvin Betancourt, design manager. "Explorer has the height, stance, ground clearance and SUV cues that clearly indicate its off-the-beaten-path capabilities." The Ford Explorer design team was challenged with reinterpreting the segment-defining icon as a modern, contemporary SUV for the 21st century. "The new Ford Explorer starts with proportions and stance," Betancourt said. "Its agile, fluid lines combine with the muscular toned sheet metal, delivering athletic good looks and unsurpassed aerodynamics. The liftgate spoiler lip and the flexible lower air dam - integrated into the fascia - harmonize to provide wind tunnel-proven fuel economy. Blackened rockers lift the eye, denoting Ford Explorer's rugged four-wheel-drive capability and driver empowerment." Strong, body-color C-pillars and blackened D-pillars are traditional Ford ...

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