Video - 2010 SHELBY GT500 COBRA Kona Silver Coupe LOADED

Videa Ford Coupé 2010 SHELBY GT500 COBRA Kona Silver Coupe LOADED

2010 SHELBY GT500 COBRA Kona Silver Coupe LOADED

CALL SANDY SMITH 888-843-0291 TODAY!! LOADED MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 COUPE W/NAVIGATION & HID THE KING OF SNAKES 2010 MUSTANG GT500 SHELBY COBRA 540 HORSEPOWER ONE OF THE LAST BLUE WITH SILVER COUPES LEFT IN THE USA. DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!! THIS KONA BLUE GT500 WILL LOOK GOOD IN YOUR DRIVEWAY!! SPECIAL PRICE $51395.00 Update 12-04-09: Ford has stop taking orders for 2010 Mustang GT500's. Dealers with Allocations already in the CUE --cannot be changed or modified to the customers wishes. What does this mean?? We are at the end Mustang Enthusiasts. If you want one of the most collectible Mustang GT500s-- then you better start buying the ones that are available now--especially if you find one with the color and options you want. If you thought Dealers were asking too much before - Just wait, because as they become harder and harder to find the Market Adjustment will go UP! Since it is the NEW YEAR I have received permission to offer this Particular Mustang GT500—at $51395!! These GT500s are in demand World-Wide. We have shipped to Germany, Brazil, Africa, France, Britain, Canada and a host of other countries. This is a very hard to find BLACK Coupe with every major option including Electronics Package, & HIDs This is the only year you can get the 5.4L and the 2010 Body Style. Own an American Icon—the Mustang GT500. For 5 decades the Mustang has been the quintessential American Muscle Car admired the World over because it pushes 540 HP. Get your piece of Americana and be the ...

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