Video - 2010 Ford Fusion Walk Around

Videa Ford Fusion 2010 Ford Fusion Walk Around

2010 Ford Fusion Walk Around

A walk around I did of my car. This is the first walk around I have ever done so its kind of shitty. More videos will be coming. This video was taken with a Canon T3i with a standard 18-55mm lens. The song playing is: Do U Wanna Roll by RL. It is a 2010 Fusion Hybrid. Mods include: VVME HID's(Lows and Fogs), Switchback turn signals, 20" Boss 340's, Falken tires, VG Mark II Fin, Steeda lowering springs, Tinted windows all but windshield Matte Black Grille, Tinted side markers.

VG, Shark, Fin, Steeda, Hybrid, Ford, Fusion, VVME, HID, Boss, 340, Falken, Lowered, Custom, Tinted, 010califusion, Dropped, FFC



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