Video - 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - "We Speak Car" Campaign (High Quality)

Videa Ford Fusion 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - "We Speak Car" Campaign (High Quality)

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - "We Speak Car" Campaign (High Quality)

AVSO AND OFFSPRING INTRODUCE THE 2010 FORD FUSION HYBRID Following their exciting campaign introducing Ford's new F-150 last fall, New York-based A Very Small Office (AVSO) in collaboration with design and animation studio Offspring has launched a series of three graphically exciting :30s introducing the new Ford Fusion and Fusion Hybrid. The We Speak Car campaign features vibrant landscapes, oversized typography, and bold voiceovers that highlight the features of the dynamic new vehicle that sets it apart from Ford's established existing lines. Each of the efforts feature various live action Ford Fusion models bookended in colorful typographic quotation marks, then cascading through a graphical wonderland along a whitewashed backdrop, encountering, altering, and generating simple geometric forms, cities, and gas stations. The stark backdrop highlights the car's superb styling and design; the onscreen images reinforce its superior technological features; and the car's relentless drive through the shifting landscape spotlight its strong presence as it drives optimistically toward the future. "With so much bad news streaming from Detroit lately, we wanted to create a source of optimism, both for Ford and potential buyers," noted AVSO Director Mikon van Gastel. "We think this car represents a major departure for Ford, representing a whole new way of building vehicles, and we wanted a forward thinking campaign that would surprise and inform people all at once." Hybrid ...

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