Video - 2009 Ford F-150: Trailer Sway Control animation

Videa Ford TRUCK F - 2009 Ford F-150: Trailer Sway Control animation

2009 Ford F-150: Trailer Sway Control animation

The new 2009 F-150 offers the most towing capability in the segment and features segment-exclusive technologies and features engineered and built with towers in mind. Trailer Sway Control works in conjunction with AdvanceTrac® with RSC® and can determine from the yaw motion of the truck if the trailer is swaying and take measures -- such as applying precise braking or reduced engine torque -- to bring both vehicle and trailer under control. AdvanceTrac ® with RSC® is standard on all F-150 models. The system can predict the vehicle's path using a sensor to detect and measure oversteer and yaw by monitoring the vehicle's speed, throttle position and steering wheel angle. When the system senses wheel slip or the loss of traction, it applies braking where needed to keep the truck tracking safely on its intended path. Unlike competitors' systems, this Ford-exclusive system uses a second gyroscopic rate sensor to accurately measure the vehicle's roll rate. If a significant roll rate is detected, the system applies additional countermeasures to enhance vehicle roll resistance.

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