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Videa Ford TRUCK F - 2009 Ford F-150 Full Test

2009 Ford F-150 Full Test

SEE THE NEW F-150 IN ACTION: Rolling up to a stoplight in this 2009 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x2, we come to rest next to a high school kid in a jacked-up late-model Ford pickup. The sign that hangs in the rear window says, "For Sale." Ford is hoping that this kid (or, more likely, his dad) will be selling this older mount in order to trade up to a newer F-150, perhaps a Lariat SuperCrew truck like ours. As recently as a year ago this would have been a safe bet. But the current reality suggests he's probably downsizing and moving out of the truck market entirely. After all, not everyone who wants to own a pickup truck really needs one. And this market is fast evolving into one of needs rather than wants.

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