Video - 2007 Ford 500 SEL, WE FINANCE, $9995

Videa Ford Fivehundred 2007 Ford 500 SEL, WE FINANCE, $9995

2007 Ford 500 SEL, WE FINANCE, $9995

Look at this beautiful Ford FiveHundred! You won't find a smoother riding car for a price this low. This car has plenty of room for all your passengers. You'll enjoy the benefits of good gas mileage and a smooth ride with this V6 engine. Drive safe and secure knowing you are protected with front airbags in this vehicle. Come by totest drive today! We offer financing in the Columbia, SC area. We can finance this car with $2500.00 down and the payments would run about $370 per month for 30 months. We will just need for you to bring in your last 2 paystubs and a utility bill in your name from your address. If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail us through the website or give us a call at (803) 252-8774.

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