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LOCAL ONE OWNER... This 2004 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition is what any sports mom needs It has been well maintained and serviced regulary and has the space for all the equipment that you could ever need Already set-up and wired for Satellite Radio, Dual electronically controlled HVAC system. Why pay $20000.00 to $45000.00 when this one has lot`s of miles/years left and at a fraction of a new one!! With the third row seat you can add or remove seating to accommodate the amount of passengers or luggage you are carrying with you!! The TV/DVD player is a great, especially on long trips with the family. All you have to do is pop in a movie and be kid noise free the whole ride while they enjoy their entertainment So CALL US TODAY!! And drive home this family perfect SUV Ask about our extended warranties available for those that want added security!! Thank you for your business!!




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