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2003 Ford Thunderbird Convertible A2595 Growing up, you may have enjoyed history classes. For many people, it's fun to learn about the past and what events helped to mold the present. History is especially interesting when it comes to cars. The trendsetters of the past paved the way for cutting edge and stylish cars today. But sometimes it's nice to enjoy a "blast from the past" with a throwback car that has the old time looks, but present day power and performance. You can experience this history lesson with your great new Evening Black 2003 Ford Thunderbird Convertible! Inspired by the Thunderbird models of old, this great car has awesome features and performance that make it more than just eye candy. From its powerful 3.9L V8 engine to its plush leather seats, there's not much left to desire in this beautiful show-stopping convertible. It also has great mileage for its year, boiling down to having been driven less than 8500 miles driven a year! Let's take a closer look at all the amazing things your new 2003 Thunderbird has waiting for you! EXTERIOR: Let your eyes come to rest on the stunning EVENING BLACK paint coating your new car. It is an absolutely fitting color and will certainly keep heads turning. It also does much to accentuate the great classic styling that Ford brought back from years past with its chrome grille and decorative hood scoop. The paint is in very nice condition. The power convertible top is in excellent working condition and goes both up and down in just a few ...

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