Video - 2002 Ford Windstar LX (01/23/11 update)

Videa Ford Windstar 2002 Ford Windstar LX (01/23/11 update)

2002 Ford Windstar LX (01/23/11 update)

Way too many updates to let slip. I wasn't planning on doing theses to be quite honest with you guys. The first major one was replacing the alternator. The alternator died and caused my stock original battery to take a hit too. I had to get the stock alternator and battery replaced with a 135 Amp alternator and a Bi-Mart HD battery to get my van up and running for the moment. The second one is my head unit. I wanted something that can help control my future 4 channel amp and had better features like bluetooth and actual iPhone support. The Sony head unit was best fit for price, looks and all around customer satisfaction. I'm not a Sony guy either, but I'm gonna say this is probably the second best stereo next to my old Pioneer stereo. The third major one is my 2 15's in the back. They're Earthquake Sound Tremor-X154's and they run at 1500 watts RMS. They run louder even in a sealed box! I plan on getting another bigger amp to make "King Kong" happier. All this stuff is also for sale. You can see it for yourself that everything is in great care and condition To date: Audio Sources: Head unit: Sony XPLOD MEX-BT3800U iPhone 3GS 16 GB White XM Sat. Radio: XM onyX with Best of XM Subscribtion -------- Amp: JL 500/1 -------- Subs: 2x Earthquake Sound Tremor-X154 15's (1500 watt RMS max) -------- Bass enhancer: Soundstream BX-10 -------- Wiring: ANKA 4 AWG 16 ft. power ANKA 4 AWG 4 ft. ground STINGER 80A blade fuse holder 10 AWG speaker wire 16 ft. ANKA RCA cable with remote ...

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