Video - 2002 Ford Windstar LX (01/08/11 update)

Videa Ford Windstar 2002 Ford Windstar LX (01/08/11 update)

2002 Ford Windstar LX (01/08/11 update)

Sorry for those who have been waiting on me to upload videos on YouTube. I've been very busy with work and school and haven't had time to upload all the videos from my digital camera online.'s a quick video of the things I've done so far since June 25, 2010. To date: Sources: Head unit: Pioneer DEH-P3000IB iPod nano (3rd Gen) 8 GB blue XM Sat. Radio: XM onyX -------- Amp: JL 500/1 -------- Subs: 2x Earthquake Sound Tremor 12-2 1200 in ported enclosure -------- Bass enhancer: Soundstream BX-10 -------- Wiring: ANKA 4 AWG 16 ft. power ANKA 4 AWG 4 ft. ground 10 AWG speaker wire 16 ft. ANKA RCA cable -------- Speakers: 4x Earthquake Sound Focus Series 5x7 -------- Security: Autopage RS-665-2W C|3 compatible (remote start with 2 way pager) Cobra XRS 9345 14 Band Detector -------- Visual: Back windows 30% tint 8k HID head light kit --------

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