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2002 Ford Explorer

MORE INFO, 40+ PICS AND, VIDEO WALK AROUND @ 6 MONTH 6000 MILE WARRANTY ON EVERY UNIT! WEBSITE UPDATED DAILY WITH 40+ PICS, DETAILED INFORMATION, WALK AROUND VIDEO FEATURING INSIDE AND OUT OF EVERY UNIT! MUST SEE WEBSITE! www,! One test drive and you will understand why the Explorer has been one of the best selling SUV`s in America for 18 years! The Explorer offers the most bang for the buck in this segment. The 18 year track history is a true testament of their reliability! This Explorer is a VA owned vehicle with a great service history registering on the CarFax report! It comes with all of the MUST HAVE equipment. It has all power options, CD, cruise control, Alloy wheels, keyless entry, luggage rack, tow package, and more! This one also comes with one of the hardest to find, yet most important features, the third row seating! With the third row seating, you also get read climate control. Finally, another MUST HAVE feature, you get the rear BACK UP SONAR. This system will "watch" you as you back up. If you get close to anything it will warn you! The closer you get to something the louder and more frequent the warning becomes! With an SUV, this is very important! The condition of the low mileage Explore is well above average. There are no dents, scratches or dings in the paint. The leather is very clean with no excessive wear. IT IS NICE! Folks at this price, this 3rd row SUV will not set long! Send me your offers quickly! Please ...




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