Video - 2001 Mercury Cougar V6 5-speed

Videa Ford Cougar 2001 Mercury Cougar V6 5-speed

2001 Mercury Cougar V6 5-speed

I really like the style of this generation of Cougar, but unfortunately this one is pretty beat up and needs a lot of work, even just to pass NJ state inspection. At least the exterior and interior are in pretty decent shape, and it is fully loaded with frills like power leather seats and a power sunroof. I took it for a quick drive, but things like a loose and clunky suspension prevented me from giving a fair driving impression. This model was designed by Ford of Germany and was also known in Europe as the Ford Cougar. It was sold from 1998 to 2002, with an exterior facelift in 2001. It shared the same platform as the Ford Mondeo, Ford Contour, and Mercury Mystique.

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