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Videa Ford Contour 2000 Ford Contour drum brakes

2000 Ford Contour drum brakes

Read the description 2000 Ford Contour SE First video ever. Recorded by my lovely assistant on my phone. This is for those who own one and have no idea how to put the brakes back on after fighting to get them off. It is not a full tutorial as I forgot to record it until I was almost done, but I had to start all over because I didn't do it this way the first time. It cuts out during the last spring. Basically I had to bend the hook back into place and then press it in with a flat head screwdriver. Then you just tweak the adjuster, position the shoes on the plate with all the springs attached and put the drum on. Of course if you remove the wheel cylinders like I did then you'll have to install them as well. Remember to bleed the brakes. I used a vise-grip on the brake lines to keep the fluid from draining out when I removed the cylinders, that way you don't have to bleed the entire system, just the backs and it only takes a few pumps of the brake pedal to do it.

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