Video - 2.8 V6 UK Ford Granada Engine Running

Videa Ford Granada 2.8 V6 UK Ford Granada Engine Running

2.8 V6 UK Ford Granada Engine Running

This car is currently under restoration. I rebuilt the engine, put a brand new Ford carb on it and installed the engine. It runs quite well now although initially I had a bit of a problem setting up the tickover speed, this was due to a bent cable mounting frame believe it or not. Apologies for the noise interruption as I was walking round the front, I bumped into a big screwdriver lying on the wing. You'll notice about 27 seconds in there is a big gaping hole above the alternator where the air-con unit should be. The air-con unit was professionally stripped and rebuilt with lots of new bits and still to be installed. Other things done: Two new wings (orig weren't that bad but as I had two new ones spare....put them on) Some patching up underneath and some repair to wing mounts (sills, doors ok though) New tank Engine bay cleaned (covered in dust again but this got rid of caked in oil grime) Back end sandblasted to get rid of rust spots and loose underseal (no real bad corrosion though) One new rear wheelarch Interior stripped and repaired/cleaned, headlining cleaned Brake calipers restored Subframe restored with poly bushes on the front Still lots to do though!

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