Video - 1999 Ford Contour Brake and rotor removal

Videa Ford Contour 1999 Ford Contour Brake and rotor removal

1999 Ford Contour Brake and rotor removal

This is a Contour and my neighbor asked me to install brakes and new rotors. In the video you can see that if this were a simple brake job you would remove the tire and use a t45 torx bit, 3/8 drive ratchet,short 3/8 drive extension,pry bar (large screw driver),either a c-clamp or a caliper tool to compress the piston in the caliper. If you are replacing the rotor you must also have a 15mm socket a breaker bar and some muscle lol. You need these tools to remove the caliper mounting bracket so you can remove the rotor. If you notice that the rotor in this video was stuck you were absolutely correct. I had to use some PB Blaster and a 4lbs. sledge hammer to remove the rotors on this car. This happens some times and can be avoided by using Antisense on the hub flange where the rotor sits on and the hub that sticks out through the rotor. I didn't show the almost 2 hours of hammering it took to remove the rotor. Reassembly is reverse order of disasembly.

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