Video - 1997 Ford Escort Won't Start!

Videa Ford Escort 1997 Ford Escort Won't Start!

1997 Ford Escort Won't Start!

1997 Ford Escort LX Sedan 2.0L 4 Cylinder Engine Won't Start.. Anybody out there with a possible solution PLEASE help! i dont have the money to take this to a mechanic. it tries to start then makes a horrible grinding sound.. one day on a 4 hour drive home about half way it started sputtering and backfiring but sounded alright after.. then we turned it off and on and it started up fine as usual.. then left it overnight and it wouldnt run next morning making horrible grinding noises and backfiring and would try to run but it still wouldnt... i also found a puddle of engine oil under the engine. got it up on ramps and theres a hole under the engine.. please help!

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