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1996-1999 Ford Taurus Taillight Mod

(click MORE INFO for instructions!) Taillight mod for a 3rd Generation Ford Taurus. Just a simple wire connection from the brake pedal switch to the MFS (turn signal stalk) and then the outer turn signals will also turn on with the brake lights, creating four brake lights. First, remove the ignition cylinder but putting the key in and turning to the "run" position, then sticking a pin into the small hole under the column and pulling the cylinder straight out. Next, remove the plastic trim pieces around the column (I think it's three phillips-head screws). Using a torx-bit screw-driver, pull out the multi-function switch (the unit that includes the turn signal lever), and disconnect the two wiring harnesses. Run a wire through the column up to the multi-function switch, and jump it to pin 9 (see diagram). You should be able to get the connectors at the local hardware store or Home Depot. Connect the other end of the wire to the Brake On/Off switch. There is a plug just above the brake pedal, attached to the brake pedal lever, that you can pull off and then splice into one of those wires. diagram: And you're done! :D Disclaimer: If you have a 1996-1997 Taurus, purchase a set of 1998-1999 style taillights which have an all-red lens. The 96-97 has a yellow lens for the stock turn signal. Once you perform the mod, that light will turn on as a brake light. Law in most (if not all) states requires brake lights be red. Sean Thurwachter and the Taurus Car Club ...

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