Video - 1995 Ford Thunderbird On 24s "SOLD"

Videa Ford Thunderbird 1995 Ford Thunderbird On 24s "SOLD"

1995 Ford Thunderbird On 24s "SOLD"

my cardomain page- IF YOU WANNA KNOW HOW I LIFTED THE CAR READ THIS PLEASE its a 1995 Ford Thunderbird on 24's i got a 255/30/24 tire with a 3 inch lift dat consists of 3 inch cups in the rear with extended shocks in the rear with 3 inch modified struts in the front. i had to trim the front fender a little but not that much you really cant tell and you will need to either cut the back part of the front were the back part of the rims goes in when you turn or beat it in with a hammer on both sides in the front and on the rear you will not have to do anything but it will be very close about 1 inch or shorter from rubbing so it will be best to go with an 255/30/24 tire or you will have to cut the car alot all the way around with a tire bigger than that and i got the lift kit from universal lift but call and tell em you want the 3" Custom Modified Struts for your year make and model and also tell they you need and extended shock for the rear because if you dont the ride of the car will be so bad and the number to universal car is 1-877-366-5543. the 3" Custom Modified Struts Front With Rear Springs are $495.00 but make sure you click at the bottom were it says strut opions and click new oem struts for $200.00 and that will bring your total to $695.00 plus a $50.00 shipping fee and the total will be 745.00 and in that kit will be two new extended shocks and two 3 inch cups to go under your springs in the rear. the extended shocks for the ...

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