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Videa Ford Ranger 1995 Ford Ranger Fan Clutch

1995 Ford Ranger Fan Clutch

I DID get the fan clutch changed. And actually, I have done it several times. The ONLY way I have found to replace the Thermostat in this truck is to loosen the guard so its easy to maneuver, take the blade off... Slide the blade out, then remove the clutch. Once you remove the clutch, then the guard slides out without any trouble. This is VERY easy and it's like 4 bolts on the clutch and 4 on the fan. Then two on the guard. The bottom of the guard just pops out. Just don't lose the clips! One clip slid down into gap on the radiator and a long magnetic thing got them out. (that's actually the reason I left. Because I dropped one down there and couldn't get to it!) And AutoZone sells the little magnetic things. For more videos of my 1995 2.3L Ford Ranger -

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