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Videa Ford Ranger 1995 Ford Ranger 2.3L Thermostat

1995 Ford Ranger 2.3L Thermostat

trying to replace my thermostat. If you have this kind of engine and set up in your truck, please comment with how you changed your thermostat. It was hard... It's located inside the housing that goes from the radiator to the engine. IT's MUCH easier to do this on most vehicles, but this one is harder because it's sideways and hard to get to. I was not able to get the housing all the way out, but thermostat came out in FOUR seperate pieces. It was toast. I got the new one in, but didn't know that there should be a gasket and I had a coolant leak. So the next day I took everything off again and put the gasket and gasket seal on it. it's been doing great since then. For ALL of my 1995 Ford Ranger videos - goo.glComments require approval. Only some people don't need approval. If your comment is appropriate, It will be approved once I get the chance (ASAP or in the morning). I do have a life outside YouTube and a three year old to chase after. So please don't comment again and again again thinking that will help. If your comment is harsh or negative, your comment will NOT be approved and you might be blocked to prevent further commenting. Thank you!

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