Video - 1995 Ford Crown Victoria Transmission Fluid Change

Videa Ford Crown Victoria 1995 Ford Crown Victoria Transmission Fluid Change

1995 Ford Crown Victoria Transmission Fluid Change

This is the first in a series of videos about this 1995 Ford Crown Victoria LX (P74) with a little more than 11000 miles on it. It belonged to my grandfather who could no longer drive it due to not being able to obtain a license because of his failing eyesight. Kind of on a moment's notice and sight unseen, I went ahead and bought it from him to keep it in the family and to avoid him having to deal with the hassle of selling it to the general public. This car is the proverbial "cream puff" in that the mileage is incredibly low for a 17 year old car. It has always been garage kept and usually never driven over 35-40 MPH. That can be good or bad. It has also never been maintained other than oil changes and fuel tank refills. What prompted today's maintenance action on the AODE transmission was a torque converter shudder concern upon lockup at around 45-50 MPH. Before lockup, it would run fine. After lockup, it would run fine. It was during the lockup sequence that the shudder presented itself. Thinking that there may be water contamination from condensation and the drive train often not reaching normal operating temperature, I changed the fluid in both the torque converter and transmission with a high quality synthetic fluid. I also changed the filter and cleaned up the pan. I'm happy to report that, thus far, the torque converter shudder concern appears to have been eliminated. I need to put a few hundred miles on it to confirm but so far, things look good. If the problem ...



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