Video - 1992 mazda protege vs ford probe

Videa Ford Probe 1992 mazda protege vs ford probe

1992 mazda protege vs ford probe

Im in my 1992 mazda protege and the other guy is in his (Not fast and dilerious) 1994 ford probe GT, We had been wanting to race for a while because he thinks his car is hot shit because it has like a 5 inch exhaust, a body kit held on with elmers glue, and tint that comes on and off as you roll the window up and down. Soo I told him that I could smoke him in my protege and he was really skeptic and disbelieving claiming that he had already beaten a newer mazda protege and had the video to prove it. so look and see for yourself. and the probe driver was toasted off of percocets

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