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1989 Ford F-250 Diesel 4x4

Just got it last night for $1600. 7.3L IDI Diesel, 5 speed tranny. 35" tires, no lift. Drove it an hour and a half home. Not sure I'd call this one a great deal, but these trucks are hard to find, very rare. Power steering does not work AT ALL, and I have not fixed it yet. Have pump and box for it. Just fixed the ignition switch assembly, which didn't work. PAIN IN THE ASS! Still to be fixed: Blinkers (should be simple, because the connector isn't connected to anything, need to find other connector lol), heater core (JUST found out, as steam was coming up under the dash, and not under the hood), seat, rear seat bracket, front bumper (and put a grill guard on), passenger front turn signal, power steering pump & box, and replace radio. I'm sure I'll find more later. Should blead the brakes and clutch cylinder. The horn and cruise control don't work, but I don't really care, same with the A/C. Have all of that stuff - F-150 parts truck is gonna be put to good use!

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