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1987 Ford Ranger XLT Pickup Truck

And so, another vehicle rolls onto the lot at Walsh Motors. My dad is to blame for this one. This truck has new tires on it, and that's basically what he paid for. This 1987 Ford Ranger XLT drives well and everything works except the radio. The engine runs but makes a tapping noise from the top end. Sometimes the noise is quite loud and other times it nearly goes away. It does have enough oil, is building some degree of oil pressure (not sure how much yet) and all engine fluids look good. This truck could use a tuneup. It is running on two or three cylinders at best. Already we've oiled the door and tailgate hinges. In the case of the doors, doing so made them work smoothly and quietly. Oiling the tailgate latch got it working again. I still have the original AM/FM radio from the '89 Taurus station wagon. While it doesn't have the clock and is missing parts, I should be able to make one good radio out of two. I wish I'd have saved the Ford cassette player radio that I added to the Taurus. At some point I will get a startup video. Not sure how driving it will turn out...I'm a bit large to fit inside. Why is it that Ford and Dodge both left the small pickup truck market behind? Tags: Ford Ranger (North America) uxwbill 2.3 liter four cylinder fuel injected engine tapping noise 4x4 Pickup Truck (Body Style) Four-wheel Drive (Driveline) ranger danger Thanks for making me type all those by hand, Youtube.



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